Miles O'Brien Riley, PhD

Effective Communication
Happiness with a Spiritual Dimension

Having been ordained at the North American College in Rome and doctoral graduate in communications from the University of California at Berkeley, Miles O’Brien Riley founded the Communications Center for the Archdiocese of San Francisco more than 30 years ago. An entertaining presenter, Fr. Miles has conducted communication training workshops throughout the world and has received three Emmys for outstanding TV productions.

Dr. Riley promotes health for the body, humor for the heart, hope for the mind, and healing for the soul and spirit. He grew up with talented parents and six creative brothers and sisters. Together they performed family skits, played musical instruments, and wrote poetry and songs. As a boy, Miles read children’s parts on Saturday morning radio. At school, he participated in plays and edited and wrote for high school and college publications.

Dr. Riley attended St. Joseph’s College and St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park, California and completed doctoral studies in theology at the Gregorian University in Rome and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. He studied communications at Stanford, Notre Dame, Loyola of New Orleans, the University of San Francisco, and received a Ph.D from the University of California at Berkeley. Miles was ordained at the North American College in Rome in 1963 and served as associate pastor at St. Bartholomew’s in San Mateo, St. Raphael’s in San Rafael, and St. Paul’s in San Francisco. In 1970 he founded the Communications Center for the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Since 1970, Miles’ main ministry has been through the mass media. He has written and directed five musical comedies, published eleven books, and hundreds of articles and reviews. He has produced a dozen films and hosted over 1500 television and 4,000 radio programs. He has received three Emmys, ten national Gabriel awards, and four Proclaim awards for outstanding radio and TV productions. Miles is listed in Who’s Who in Religion in the United States, Who’s Who in the Catholic Church in the United States, and Who’s Who in America.

During his 30 years of media ministry, Dr. Riley has conducted communication training workshops throughout the United States and in 50 countries worldwide.

Presentation topics include:

• Ethical Leadership for Executives
• Enriching Your Love and Your Life
• Life’s Secrets of Happiness: Faith, Family, For-Giveness
• Tell the Truth with Kindness: Ten Essentials of Effective Communication
• What Makes Marriage and Love Last?
• Handling Loss: The Painful Work of Grieving, Mourning, and Letting Go
• Fully Spiritually Alive: Enthusiasm, Creativity, Peace, Humor, and Grace
• Life is Tough -- And So Are We!
• Do-It-Yourself Happiness

Recent productions include: audio CDs: "Love Heals" (creative grieving) "Love: It's an Inside Job" (love begins with yourself) "Forgiveness is the Gift You Give Yourself" (how to let go or for-give without pardoning) and "It's Your Wedding--Not Theirs" (practical tips for personalizing and spiritualizing your wedding--and taking it back from the Ken and Barbie wedding industry.)
\Miles' 13th book is titled "It's Your Wedding--Not Theirs" with 100 pages of creative suggestions for saving money on your wedding when the American Wedding Industry triples the price of every service and turns every celebration into a cookie-cutter look-alike runway at a fashion show...
Recent presentations include: Ethical Leadership for 50 executives in atheistic Prague, Czech Republic; Couples Retreats in Mexico, Guatemala, Warsaw, Dublin, Des Moines, Los Angeles, Tuscany, etc.; Men's and Women's Retreats throughout the U.S. and Europe; Communications Training (practical and on-camera) for executives in Stockholm, Sacramento, and the University of California for EPA Directors and West Coast Sheriffs; and Family Retreats in Ohio, Iowa, Ecuador, California and the Galapagos Islands.

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