Wellness Speakers


Now more than ever, you may want to bring about positive changes in your life—and in your workplace.

We offer tools for blending personal wellness with productive work, social fairness, and sustainability. Consult with us to learn about motivational speakers, informative presenters, and interactive workshop leaders who are engaging experts in their respective fields.

If you tell us your topic of interest, we will recommend appropriate speakers for your needs. We have been presenting at the National Wellness Conference since 1983 and have been operating this speakers bureau since 1993.



June 18-20, 2018 in St. Paul, Minnesota

The National Wellness Conference is one of the best ways to either be introduced to the wellness concept, stay current with front line wellness approaches, or network with wellness colleagues. Join us next summer for the three-day conference on June 18-20. To see a video about the 2017 conference, click here.

National Wellness Institute
Denise DeForest Pastoor and Jennie Trotter at the 2016 National Wellness Conference

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